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I Have A Passion For Creating Challenging, Intuitive And Efficient Products, My Development Process Is Very Hands-On,Communicative, MVP Ready.

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shiva guntuku

Law Management & OwnCloud Document Maintenance System

Technologies: Python, OdooERP v11, Rest API, Javascript, Nginx

Cloud Platform: Digital Ocean

Other Platforms: OwnCloud Document Maintainer

Description: This Application Built with Odoo Framework for lawyers, lawyers can manage their cases, background about the cases, various articles/sections applied for the cases, opponents' information, meeting, daily activity, peoples involved in the particular suites, judges, etc.

Own cloud Document Management: Every day whatever activity's generated on the law management application it should generate the document and push to the own cloud third-party cloud-based application and generate the link, this link should available for the lawyer to read-only permission and full access permission for Administrator of the firm.

Team Size: 2

Role: Software Developer + Server Maintainer